Sample Essay on Traditional School Is Not a Community

Traditional School

The main concern of Dewey is highlighting a clear understanding of the way society exercise control by turning the focus on social control. All parties that are involved with responsibilities on what is happening are parts of social control. Social control turned into a complex task the moment people engaged in activities of varying levels in regards to gender, social status and age among others. On several occasions, seniors have been given authority over events in congregations without considering their inability or ability to execute social justice.

A traditional school is a good example of a case or group in which more control lies with the external forces than what the internal forces have. A teacher in a traditional school has complete control over learning activities. The 8setting requires the pupils to follow the teacher’s guidelines. These are usually dictated by forces from outside and not by the teacher. This is against the idea of a community because there is no role that is played by the pupils in determining what happens. The failures and successes of the result of their learning are seen as the responsibility of the teacher.

In addition, mutual consent does not exist between the pupils and teachers within the traditional school. Dewey notes that standard and specific guidelines dictate the activities of people within a community and not individual control. Additionally, these guidelines are made internally. As such, the terms are not dictated by external forces. Therefore, a community cannot exist where there is no mutual consent such as the case of traditional schools.

A community must have three vital aspects. These are social responsibility, mutual consent and social control. Traditional schools lack these aspects. Therefore, a traditional school should not be characterized as a community.

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