Sample Essay on United Nations General Assembly

United Nations General Assembly

United Nations General Assembly refers to one of the major organs that comprise of the United Nations. It is also the only organ among the principle organs that give all member states equal representation. This general assembly was established under the United Nations Charter in 1945. It occupies the central position of the United Nations. The assembly acts as the chief policy making, deliberative as well as representative of the UN.

The United Nations General Assembly is made of 193 members and it offers a unique platform where multinational discussions of international issues take place as covered by the charter of the UN. The assembly also plays an important role in setting standards and codifying the international law. Meetings of the assembly are intense between the months of September to December when regular sessions are held every year but the assembly can meet thereafter as per the requirements.

According to the charter that established it, the United Nations General Assembly has several powers and functions.Proofreading-Editing The assembly can approve and or consider the budget of the United Nations and establish financial assessments of the member states.

This assembly can also elect non-permanent members to the Security Council as well as members of the other organs and councils of the United Nations. The assembly can also appoint secretary general of the United Nations with recommendation from the Security Council.

This assembly is also responsible for considering and making recommendations on General Corporation in maintenance of international security and peace including disarmament. During the meetings of the assembly, questions that are related to international security and peace except in situations or where dispute is currently part of the discussion of the Security Council are discussed and recommendations made.

The assembly also discusses with similar exception questions that are within the scope of charter that affects functions and powers of the organs of the UN and make recommendations on the same. Additionally, the Assembly can also initiate research and also made recommendations on how international cooperation can be promoted. Other studies that the assembly can initiate and make recommendations on include development of international law, its codification, human rights realization, fundamental freedoms, and international economic collaborations.

United Nations General Assembly can also recommend studies in cultural, health, humanitarian, social and educational fields. It can also recommend on peaceful settlements in different situations that can impair friendly existence or relations among different nations. In cases where peace is threatened, the assembly takes appropriate action in cases where the Security Council has not acted when permanent members vote negatively.

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