Sample Essay on Values of liberty and equality in American history

Values of liberty and equality in American history

People in the states of America view values of equality and liberty differently. Every person has a different view of them. In the entire history of man, different circumstances have weakened and strengthened these values. As such, the values have not always been pursued actively as they are spoken of.

People have ideally practiced equality as an aspect fully. Women, homosexuals, African Americans, homeless and elderly people are among the individuals who have not been given equal rights and opportunities (White 98). These are denied the opportunity to practice legal rights while others do so without probation or judgments of any kind. These groups are discriminated against.

In terms of racism, several organizations still perpetuate the unspoken practices that entail hiring Americans of the Anglo Saxon origin only, gender discrimination, and refusing to consider the opinions of female workers. There are also organizations that force the elderly employees to include early retirement in the contracts that they sign.

5The belief that people tend to hold is that liberty refers to freedom that let people do what they prefer and the way they want. However, it has to be restrained at some levels in order to ensure the stability of the society (Drummond, Asa and Wayne 2003). Nevertheless, freedom of speech is limited by certain things that a government does to the people as a way of ensuring civil liberty. These include forcing people to practice and confess a specific religion. The government and elites allow the citizens as well as the public sufficient time to express their thoughts.

However, it does not allow them to take actions about them. If they do so they are called revolutionists or rebels. This creates a wall that is impenetrable for people who want to enjoy freedom of speech. It also acts as an action that is taken on the civilians. A monotonous and centralized society is being created by capitalism at a very fast rate. The ideology is turning humans into laborers who work for a capitalist machine.


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