Sample Essay on Victoria’s Secret VS Fredericks of Hollywood

Victoria’s Secret VS Fredericks of Hollywood

Women’s undergarments are an important part of their daily lives. Women value what they put on in the inside as much as they value their outward look. This is one of the areas that women spend a good amount of money to ensure that they look good from the inside to the outside. Many suppliers have come up with distribution plans for these products, including having online stores, a strategy that has easily been embraced by the world. Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood are two of the most famous online shops for women’s undergarments. Their products include bras, panties, lingerie, swimsuits, corsets, and many others. This essay will verify whether there are any differences that exist between Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood.

First, every person has his/her own view with regard to the products of each of the companies. Some people view Victoria’s Secret as the best spot to acquire durable products while others opt for Fredericks of Hollywood. According to the reviews offered by individuals about the two companies, different people have different views based on their experiences during the process of purchase and use of products. On several occasions, customers have preferred Victoria’s Secret to Fredericks due to their safety of web access with reference to Google ratings. During the years, Fredericks has struggled in trying to establish and maintain business. This has led to negative reviews from some customers. Victoria’s Secret’s website theme color is pink while Fredericks of Hollywood color is wine red. A look into the use of social media reveals that Victoria’s Secret commands more following than Frederick. For instance, on Facebook, Victoria’s Secret has 26,473,729 likes while Frederick of Hollywood has 535,743 likes. This makes Victoria’s Secret more popular than its competitor Frederick.

Victoria’s Secret and Fredericks of Hollywood both sell panties and bras, however, they differ in a number of products. Victoria’s Secret offers sleep, sport, and swim clothing. On the other hand, Fredericks’ additional products are corsets and lingerie. Victoria’s Secret is rated higher than Fredericks in terms of sales and various achievements hence having wider market coverage than Fredericks. The shoppers at Victoria’s Secret are given a different sexuality message from the ones of Fredericks. While Frederick insists that customers should invest majorly in sex, the main message offered by Victoria Secret message on sexuality is considered more versatile. Victoria offers more benefits both in the bedroom and outside appearance (Lutz n.p). The beauty in a woman according to Victoria is not just concentrated on their sexuality in the bedroom alone. Victoria offers a new perspective of public beauty through the products it offers. This makes it possible for both the young and old to visit the website and order for products. Fredericks of Hollywood on the other hand concentrates on offering products that are fit for young women only.

Pricing and packages for both companies differ in a huge way. Victoria’s Secret maintains moderate pricing strategies ( Their prices do not fall in the discounting categories or the designer prices. Discounts only apply on overall sales and use of coupons. Fredericks of Hollywood on the other hand utilizes the competitive pricing strategy. On comparing with other competitors, Frederick’s prices fall slightly lower or higher. The company has a high reliance on catalogues. Frederick’s website is not considered as a higher priority. Victoria’s Secret on the other hand has made e-commerce and its website the biggest priorities.

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