Sample Essay on Welfare and Economic Condition in America

Welfare and Economic Condition in America

Majority of industrialized nations articulate wellbeing incentive programs in their corresponding economies. The reasons behind these economic philosophies are stressed by the necessity to ease the people from severe impacts of poverty. In USA, numerous practical programs are evident that aid in stimulating the economic status of the incapacitated as well as the susceptible people in the nation. Functional framework of these plans is apparent as well as real to the social and economic anticipation of the nation. Moreover, the hot point under poverty suppression plans is focused at linking the poor and the rich. Consequently, the deprived are able to benefit from the state. Nevertheless, the consequences of these programs have attested hostile to the economic steadiness of America. For example, social and economic facets together with these plans cause high inflow of individuals who list under the programs. “With the high number of direct dependents to support, the country’s economic resources are stretched beyond the allocated threshold for welfare”.

Economic ideologies formulate for work in comprehending economic development. Steady economy is confidently created in the competence of the people to produce wealth. Nevertheless, wellbeing programs presented by majority of advanced nations provide great environments to individuals who always stay reliant on the programs. Bearing in mind USA economic account on these programs, the nation has perceived high population as it does not have accountable grounds as well as tools of finding out on disability level or condition.

Dependency condition is amongst the many issues that the nation has dealt with since the start of Bill Clinton’s governance. Bill Clinton introduced economic actions that aided in lessening the population funded under community wellbeing programs. Economist similarly backed Clinton’s initiative that witnessed considerable drop of poor population.  In line with these policy makers and economist, most benefit receivers were extremely loath and instantly quit their jobs the moment they were included under the welfare package. For example, life under benefit backing was satisfying as well as rewarding than a number of jobs that several people worked under.

The necessity to keep citizens out of poverty as well as misery is the brain behind these wellbeing initiatives. However, the well demonstrated goal is these days perceived as a barrier to employment as well as growth of the economy. “Dependence on the state fund and complete sponsorship has led to hard-hitting economic occurrence in the USA government. “ For example, the moment citizens fail to work, the consequences are hostile to the economy of the nation as the people have an essential duty in boosting the economy.


This is the economic barrier that America and other nations encounter, and the plan to resolve to this drift is the critical drop in the nation’s economic openings. Keeping in mind Bill Clinton’s economic changes, exceptional development has become apparent. The 19996 Bill Clinton’s witnessed strict actions implemented prior to getting state funding. Additionally, this change exposed competent citizens to work and as a result lessened limits on cash benefits time. This economic policy is usually referred to as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Wide-ranging economic performance of a nation needs practical ideologies. The projections of these ideologies are to expose citizens to employment as well as ultimately spur economic condition of the nation. Moreover, hard work is essential to the nation’s economic performance. In line with this policy, USA among other nations must stick to the essential doctrines of economic condition against jobs as well as hard work. Economic statistical accounts show that industrialized nations are in the balance of being surpassed by the growing nations because of contrary economic policies that they chose in their schemes. Effects of welfare programs in some cases fail to satisfy their targeted objectives, however rather lead to hostile social issues. For example, Paul Ryan pinpoints idleness to result from lack of jobs caused by the welfare initiative programs.


Other specialists who outstandingly criticize this program incorporate; Charles Hughes and Michael Tanner. They point the gap between states of America, particularly when it comes to single mothers.  “In addition, high number of able bodied American citizens, subjects the government to economic and social disparity that is deterrent to economic progress.” State fund takes care of numerous economic areas, an issue that makes the program quite costly to withstand. Such as, wellbeing initiative programs protect Medicaid, food stamps, utility assistance and many other areas. As stated by the specialists aforementioned, Welfare initiatives surpass other professions on remunerations, and this is seen as the key force for citizens to join them.

Economic strength of a nation is essential for present-day as well as future development. Social independence is a great doctrine as it exposes citizen to widespread jobs, generating more revenue to the nation. Contrarily, nations that provide liberal projects and wellbeing in-built to the citizens try to endorse laxity, and ultimately put more stress on its economy. With such developments, nations such as America will be pushed into vast disbursement of its resources. Extensive as well as non-generative expense is restrictive to wealth creation and investment.

To sum up, America social and economic status in the worldwide community is at risk due to its extensive engagement in welfare programs. This hostile trend is in the offing to mislay American economic importance worldwide. For example, working economies such as China and Japan are in likelihood to surpass USA from its present-day economic ranking.  More so, the programs have similar gauge to restrict growth and saving of the nation as it uses most of its revenue in non-productive expenditures linked to huge taxation rate to the people that solitary threatens the lifestyle of citizens.



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