Sample Essay on What do you think is the most pressing Environmental issue of the decade?

What do you think is the most pressing Environmental issue of the decade?

The most pressing environmental issue of the decade is water. This is because despite being a basic requirement, there is only 3% of the available fresh water on earth thus making it a scarce commodity (Miller 67). Research has also established that one of the major challenge experienced around the world has to do with water accessibility, quality as well as pollution. Besides, the Millennium Development Goals Report 2012 established that 11% of the people around the world face difficulty in finding clean water (Dinar 93).

Population increase is a full package for water scarcity. As the number of people increases around the world, more water is required for household consumption, irrigation, in industries as well as in the energy sector thus a lot of pressure is exerted on the available fresh water resources. The demand for water exceeds the ability of the reservoirs to regenerate thus leading to scarcity. Water contamination is another challenge (Miller 50). Poor waste management such as fecal matter, agricultural chemicals, industrial effluent as well as oil spillage contributes greatly to water scarcity when these wastes are dumped into the water bodies (Goel 48). The resulting water becomes contaminated and unsafe for human consumption leading to spread of water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera etcetera.

Climate change has also caused problems in the water sectortoday. Over the past decades, high temperatures and extreme weather have impacted negatively on people’s lives worldwide. The volume of water has dwindled in major rivers and lakes while others have completely dried up resulting to major economic problems such as drought (Anisfield 52). In addition, precipitation has reduced thus affecting food production leading to hunger, starvation and malnutrition not only in the developing countries but also in the developed nations

Desertification is increasing at an alarming rate thus threatening water availability. This problem is aggravated by human activities such as illegal logging and indiscriminate clearing of forests to create more land for agricultural purposes (Goel 31). Other factors contributing to water scarcity include conflict amongst individuals such as pastoralists or in a neighborhood. There are also countries where the poor have difficulty accessing clean water as those in power dictate water usage. The problem of water can be mitigated through sensitizing people on the importance of water conservation, recycling techniques, appropriate waste management practices among others (Goel 59).









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