Sample Essay on What we learn from the 2012 Presidential Elections

What we learn from the 2012 Presidential Elections?

It is important for any government to conduct elections that are free and fair. This is because voters intend to choose leaders that will rule the country in a positive way. This explains why decisions are very significant to determine the arrangement in future.

Since the US approved its constitution in 1978, it has initiated a government that rules the majority. This article depicts the methodology that America uses to enhance its state operations. During the presidential race that took place in 2012, President Obama initiated a positive strategy for the future.  The campaigns articulated on the local problems such as employment that affected the American economy (, 2010).

Reflecting on the 2012 presidential race, citizens ought to explore and learn about the past issues and outcome of the elections. In a period of four years since 1912, Democrats were in control of both chambers in White House and the Congress. Two years later, Republicans organized a retreat where they joined Mexico to offer nourishment and weapons to Europeans. Analyzing the 2012 elections, approximately 43 percent of Republican voters claimed that their votes were to offer a wiretap to the Democrats. As a result, Obama’s group made a moderate step that defied the shift with an objective of winning elections.

In this campaign, the Democrats intended to change the economy by creating awareness concerning the issue of health. Furthermore, the Democrats had no financial vision to cater for emergency and convince voters. The relations that President Obama had with Afghanstan were depicted to be fundamental. For instance, the President aimed at satisfying the liberal base that could not allow Afghanistan to take US for granted.  Lack of opinions was a strategy that was both embraced by the Republicans and the Democrats. This assisted the two parties to endure abnormal occurrences and maintain development from outsiders.



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