Sample Essay on Who are the PreSocratics and why are they Important to Greek Civilization?

Who are the PreSocratics and why are they Important to Greek Civilization?

Pre-Socrates are theorists who lived in early days in Greece before the times of Socrates philosophy in the country (Freeman, 1946). The philosophers were known as physical and natural philosophers based on the fact that their thinking focused on nature and physical things. They sought to explain a happening based on natural incidences as opposed to previous philosophers (theologians), who based their philosophy on paranormal explanations (Freeman, 1946).

Pre-Socrates were also significant in Greek civilization because they offered explanations on spectacle occurrences that also aided in predictions of future happenings by creating related texts (Stokes, 1971). Even so, their thinking was based on primeval science, which was also a result of mythopoetic thought. Nevertheless, they focused on elementary principle of an incident.

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Their explanations on the universe were also not based on any religious or spiritual belief but just reason. Pre-Socrates in ancient times did not also develop a language similar to that of present day to express their thoughts. For instance, Thales 625-545 BC said, ‘‘everything is made of water’’, to express abstraction views (Mourelatos, 1974).

Pre-Socrates also advanced the language of theologians and phenomenon explanations aiding civilization in Greek. Their thinking also offered knowledge enabling developers to invest more in infrastructure, technology and architecture among other advanced mechanization (Popper, 1958). They also came up with theories including atomism theory that has been the base of many essential civilization features.

Their issues focused mainly on offering explanations on how on significant thing could be the base of different things. They also sought to get explanations on how things were kept stable with changing times and whether the rules were created by people or supreme (Popper, 1958). Pre-Socratic philosophy is also what Socrates Aristotle and Plato who are known as great thinkers have employed to ensure civilization in Greek.

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