Sample Essay on Why Animal Eyes Glow Green When Illuminated At Night

Why Animal Eyes Glow Green When Illuminated At Night

Majority of animals that are active during the night tend to shine in presence of light. For instance, these animals incorporate deer, cows and cats. Conversely, pigs and human beings are not part of this group. This is because they lack the layer that can illuminate light in the night. In addition, animals that are active during the night have a reflective outside part that is located at the back of the retina.

This part plays a role that hinders the getaway light and sends it to the retina. The key objective of the reflexive exterior is to reflect the light to support the vision in animals. Additionally, in animals, the pupils become large at night. This allows them to identify colors clearly at night. Dogs glows with dark colors while cats appear to be bright green at night. Human beings and rest of primates lack the tapetum lucidum hence they do not maximize the interception of light.

Evaluating the case of humans, it is clear that they have the ability to adjust to different light conditions. For instance while taking photos; the red eye is visualized in their pupils. This is because the flash light aims directly in their eyes (Carlson 206). In addition, when people are in dark locations, their pupils tend to increase in size to allow more light. The chances of portraying the red eye in children are high in contrast to the adults.

This is due to the fact that children are highly adapted to the dark areas. The red eye effect is also evident due to melanin whose function is to absorb the light and determine the eye color. Today, individuals use modern cameras that have a feature to get rid of the red eye effect.


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