Sample Essay on Why Competitor Analysis Is Important

Why Competitor Analysis Is Important

Understanding the business environment demands a lot of determination and caution. There is no way that an aspiring entrepreneur can come up with a business idea and execute it instantly. A business plan can work miracles. Above all, conducting a competitor analysis gives an entrepreneur an advantage over other interested business personnel. A competitive analysis a weighty part of a company’s marketing plan. It presents a great way to assess strengths and weakness of the potential and current competitors in an enterprise of choice.

Many entrepreneurs have not been able to wrap up what happening in their companies. Due to the vast number of activities to juggle from calculating profits and loses, dealing with employee issues, finances and much more, many end up losing their top positions in the marketplace. Competition is a force to reckon regardless of the size, type and status of a business venture. Without analyzing competition in a marketplace, it is not easy to know whether your business will prosper or crumple with a short period.

Many entrepreneurs may think that meeting clients’ needs is the only aim of marketing. This is may be true to some extent, but understanding the need to gratify the requirements of many clients better than potential competitors is the best way to take over the market. Below are a few important roles of competitive analysis in the business environment;

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  • It provides an informed basis to easily develop strategies to achieve competitive edge in the future.
  • It also helps a management team to comprehend advantages and disadvantages in relation to competitors.
  • It presents a way to fathom competitors past, present and their future strategies.
  • It aids to forecast the returns that could be easily made from future investment and how competitors will respond to these new advancements in the marketplace.

Conducting a competitor analysis should not be a challenge. Through a SWOT analysis, there is a lot to ascertain about your potential competitors in the field of choice. In a sense, you have to look at the mainstay strengths of the potential competitors. Here, you have to know what they are good at and find ways to beat them. Analyzing the weakness of your competitors makes it easy to know areas where they are inferior.

A look at their website or social media activities will ease the task. While conducting your competitors’ analysis, it is wise to look at the possible opportunities that your competitors will pursue and what they capitalize on.  At last, look at the dangers that your competitors have been able to overcome and find better ways to outshine them. A good look at the gaps in the marketplace will offer a competitive advantage regardless of the venture that you pursue.

A competitor should not always be an enemy; your allies can also pose great threats to the growth of your business. Striking up a relationship with your competitive rivals especially, if you operate in different areas. A great referral programme can aid lure more clients regardless of the size of your enterprise. Essentially, while conducting competitive analysis make sure your cover areas such as product, distribution, pricing, promotion and marketing.

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