Sample Essay on Why the Amazon River Basin Is Important

Why the Amazon River Basin Is Important

Amazon River Basin occupies vast parts of the central and eastern areas of South America. It lies at the east of the Andes Mountain range and extending from the Guyana Plateau in the North to the Brazilian plateau in the south. The basin also covers areas of the South America that include Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela and Suriname. The amazon basin is known to cover about 44% of the area. The Amazon River system is divided into 10 sub-basins that make the entire Amazon River basin quite essential.

Most of the Amazon River basin is covered by tropical rainforest. Most of its ecosystem is characterized by great biodiversity as there are more than 3000plant species, 60 reptile species and 2000 fish species, 35 mammal families and 1,800 bird species. In essence, the Amazon River basin is an important source of natural resources that aid in human economic development. The animal species are a great source of tourist attraction within the Amazon as many people visit to experience this wonders of the world.

Many industries have been established within the Amazon River basin. Factors such as abundant labor and enough imagesfresh water for industrial use have spurred many companies to invest in this region. The amazon basin is the largest supplier of iron and steel to the international markets. Wood and byproducts are easy to get within the region thanks to the increase legal harvesting of rainforest. Gold and tin are other substantial metals that can be obtained from the basin. From the sale of the products obtained within the basin, most countries are able to generate enough revenue and taxes.

Movement of goods from one location to another has been made more effective by the essay flow of amazon waters. Shipping and boating is quite easy in the region making it easy to more farm or industrial produce more effectively. Ships manufacturing also takes place in some of the countries that survive on the amazon basin water. Hence, these countries can also benefits exports to other nations. Hence, these trades have helped improve the economy of the most competitive nations. The Amazon River basin also helps affect the climate within the region.

Large rivers like Amazon or Nile affect the climate of a region, when a river is large and swelled, thus water will evaporate, condenses and precipitates and changes the atmosphere within the area. These changes in the climate will influence activities like tourism and attract more people. Amazon River basin has also been a great source of agricultural produce. Seasonal floods excavate and carry nutrient rich silt into degraded areas within the basin making it easy for many interested farmers to invest in rice, beans and corn farming on the river shoreline.

These farmers do not need to spend ton of money on fertilizers as the lands are fertile enough. Fishing also provides alternative food and the sales that most of these farmers make guarantee good income and governmental revenue taxes. Unfortunately, some farmers are not well enlightened and end up using fertilizers and other products that are later carried into rivers polluting the amazon basin freshwaters. Deforestation is another activity affecting the Amazon River basin. Hence, it is upon each government to come up with great strategies to eradicate such harmful activities.

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