Sample Essay on Why the Communists Won the Chinese Civil War

Why the Communists Won the Chinese Civil War

The triumph of the Chinese Communist Party over the power of Chiang Kai-shek in China’s Civil war led to a great monumental change in the modern history of the country. Besides, it left great impacts in the Far East as well as international relations considering that the events and result of the war was unexpected. During the civil war in China, it should be noted that the Communists had occupied almost a quarter of the Chinese land and accounted for one third of the country’s population. Besides, they also had good relations with the Soviet Union, enabling them to secure arms to fight the war.

The arms that were secured by the Communists had been confiscated from the Japanese troops towards the end of the war. Due to the good relations between the Communists and the Soviet Union, the former were able to also acquire aid that was very instrumental for their victory in the Chinese civil war. As a result of the supply of arms and aid from the Soviet Union, the Communists were able to form a powerful military base from which they launched their attacks. However, it was never easy for them since the Nationalist forces that they were fighting against had also been backed by US troops.

Even though the Nationalist force at first outnumbered the Communists, they were not able to hold on to their position to the end. The Communist forces improvised certain policies that enabled them to gain the support of the peasants. The most critical one was the promise of land reforms that would entice the peasants. As a result of such policies, many peasants volunteered as servicemen in the war. For instance, the Communists were able to mobilize about 5.4 million for the Huaihai campaign only.

In order to counter the large numbers of the Nationalist force, the Communists also came up with yet another policy of not launching attacks on the main Nationalist troops. They were willing to give up land in order to keep their fighting forces intact. While implementing this policy, they would pick off weaker targets and cause hitches in logistics and supplies being delivered to the Nationalist forces. This played a great role in stamping the lead of the Communists in the war since in most occasions, the Nationalists played into their hands.

Even though the Nationalist forces got funding and arms from the US, there were unable to put it to good effect compared to the structured and realistic support that the Communist forces received from the Soviet Union. The ability of the Communist party to win the support of the local population in most parts of China also played a great role in enabling them to easily advance into the territories. Besides, their lead was also as a result of the good leadership that they had throughout the entire period of the civil war.

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