Sample Essay on Writing Techniques

Writing Techniques

Bovard uses several writing techniques in her writing to capture the readers’ attention. One of the techniques she employs in the writing is imagery. She used it to describe her perpetrator as having an odor in the courtroom that she could not withstand. It creates an image in the minds of the readers that the rapist has not bathed for a long time as he spent his time in jail. The second technique the writer successfully applies in her writing is paradox. In her work, she says that she did not think about her past instead her concentration was on building her future. At the same point, she got a chance of revealing her past to those people she had not informed about the tragedy in a courtroom. Consequently, it infers that she is still struggling to come to terms with the tragic unfolding  that happened in the past.

It therefore means that she is in deep thought about her past and would look for any available chance to express her mind to the people. The third writing technique the writer used is suspense. Bovard leaves the reader in suspense where she explains that her attacker faced her with a knife and left her wounded. The audiences are in a dilemma in the sense that they want to know more about event as it unfolded and what followed afterwards. The most effective techniques used in this writing are imagery. Throughout the text, the author creates a bad character for her perpetrator. She does it so well that the reader imagines that her assailants was very cruel and fierce man. The perpetrator was held without any bail to show that he was a criminal.