Sample Essay on Pablo Picasso: Bibliography and Works of Art

Pablo Picasso: Bibliography and Works of Art

A lot of artists have been rebelling against the work of arts. However, a few have managed to sustain their brilliance and serve as role models in their commendable art work. Pablo Picasso is one of the outstanding artists who have depicted his vast passion for art.

Picasso was a Spanish born in France in the year 1881. He made vital contributions in the work of arts before he died in 1973. In the 20th century, Picasso was the leading artist in invention of art. This was evident in his talent when his art work was diverse and unique. Evaluating his work, it is clear that it influenced numerous artists in approximately 50 years.

Currently, Picasso’s artwork has more control to the styles that majority of the artists use today. Cubism is a new form of art that was invented by Picasso. In this invention, he embraced African sculptures that enhanced diversification to art work (Pablo Picasso and His Paintings 2009).  Unfortunately, majority of individuals did not appreciate Picasso’s way of doing art. For instance, his work had more color and expression.

Guernica painting is his significant art work that he did by incorporating cubism. Picasso did this painting in 1937 and exhibited it in Paris world fair. This form of art facilitated to synthetic cubism that increased the number of artist to promote art. In the world of art, cubism was significant because it enabled artists to express themselves in revealing their pain or happiness.

Picasso also facilitated the growth of surrealism. His focus was to express his ideas via art to depict a hidden reality. The growth of this artistic style improved 1930; Picasso embraced it giving him credit for his paintings. The purpose of surrealism paintings was to reflect on elements and dreams of artists. Clearly, Picasso greatly improved art work when he contributed to huge innovations of the 20th century.


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