Sample Essay on Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is an approach that is used by companies to enhance the quality of services and products that they offer at the market. It involves all the systematic initiatives and policies that firms embrace to satisfy their clients. It is a continuous procedure that takes place in a cycle to boost and enhance the business.

In a business, quality assurance is a strategy that enables consumers to access the right products and avail them in their accurate quantity. The companies that involve in decisions to hire should consider embracing quality standards to improve the services that they offer. These decisions are vital because they determine the number of quality standards that guides in hiring procedure in each department of a firm.

International Standardization Organization (ISO), is a body that is responsible for implementing the quality standards and guidelines to foster various businesses to meet quality. For instance, the ISO 9000 are popular standards for hiring that applies to family. Other quality assurance standards incorporate the ISO 9004 and ISO 9001 (Hay & Strydom, 2000). To audit quality in management, the attachment that is essential for the role is ISO 1911. In situation where instructors fail to meet the expectations of the quality standards, a good strategy to handle this is to instill the quality control measures.

The significance of this step is to discover the abilities of the trainer and upgrade his good areas of performance. For instance, one of the measures is to execute regular assessment with aid of valid evaluation tools. In conclusion, Quality Assurance is a vital practice and strategy that determines success of a company. In this regard, all organizations need to perform continuous assessment to analyze their services and formulate relevant guidelines that will improve the effectiveness of a firm.



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