Sample Essay Report on IPhone


IPhone from apple has changed the mobile industry since introduction into the market in 2007. It brought into the industry a new product that has remained to be iconic based on its features. While iPhone has undergone a lot of changes in the past years, the latest version, iPhone 5s introduced a wide range of features that no other smartphone in the market has.

Some of the unique features that the latest model comes with are the Touch ID sensor and a fingerprint sensor that enhances security of the gadget and saves the users the need to have many passwords and pins for different applications and purchasing of apps from the app store (Spence, 2013). Additionally, the simplicity of the gadget to ordinary individuals makes it a favorite for many users who find it idea and useable in whatever they want to do.

What’s more, the latest iPhone comes with a unique design making it easy to manipulate while using one hand. This is also a feature that is not common in other phone competitors who have larger devices. The other unique feature of the iPhone is its ability to update the operating system much faster and over the air compared to other models that can support such an update.

Many iPhone competitors often depend on the developer for operating system for the needed updates. IPhone 5s also comes with a dual flash that is strategically located at the top right hand side of the phone adjacent to its 8 megapixel camera which has ability of shooting in burst mode and creating 10 photos in a second (iPhone 5S’’, 2014). The device is further enhanced with a physical button for activation of its silent mode, which is also absent in many other smartphones in the market.

Besides being thin, the phone is light and packing in it is a 4 inch retina display screen with a scratch resistant Proofreading-Editingglass.The simplicity of the product and its proven reliability, enhanced operating system and a fast processor are some of the features that gives the iphone an edge in the market (Prigg, 2013). When the fourth iphone generation was introduced to the market, (iphone 4), there were issues concerning its handling on the point of antenna as it appeared to block reception (Gross, 2012).

While this was a turn off for many, Apple offered casings that enhanced reception and designed  a faster iPhone 4S as a replacement of the troublesome iphone 4. The success of the gadget at this time was in the enhacned with the ability of the product to wow its users and the quick response of the developer to fix the antenae issue.

From the introduction of the first iPhone model in the market, the iPhone has undergone tremendous changes. The second iPhone (3G), a high speed model connectivity model was introduced with an increased demand from its clients in 2008. Similarly, the 3G iPhone was thinner as demanded by users who did not enjoy carrying around a bulky gadget.

Additionally, a liking towards multimedia initiated the enhancement of the 3GS that featured a 3.2 megapixel camera besides extra storage addition for the third generation of the iPhone. The fourth generation on the other hand becomes an enhancement of the 3GS in features and in design.

There was also high demand for high camera resolution and enhanced screen display and the iPhone 4 responded in kind to this form of demand from the clients, packing a retina display of 3.5 inches, 5 megapixel camera with high definition recording, enhanced performance as well as a slimmer new shape (Gross, 2012). All the iPhone generations have made a lot of improvements to the preceding models either in the quality of the camera or in speed.

The seventh iPhone generation also brought about a cheaper version of the product (iPhone 5c) following increased demand for an affordable phone especially in countries like China that is characterized with a lot of piracy. The 5S came with enhanced security details of the product following the addition of a fingerprint sensor which is currently absent in all smartphones in the market, a feature that makes anyone who owns the product stand out

Therefore, while there are many products with enhanced performance in the market, owning an apple product has become a cultural status fad. Owning the device comes with its branding and offers a status symbol especially amongst the youngsters. Executives and professionals on the other hand use iPhone as a symbol of status and for its exceptional look. Many people believe that owning the gadget gives them an edge and enhances the outlook of their personality.

The current trend of Smartphones in the market is also growing towards ability to increase the memory of the device and larger screens. All iPhones also have limited expansion in terms of memory hence considerable bearing in mind that Apple offers slots for expandable memory in future iPhone generations.

Market competition as well as clients is also moving towards larger screens as they help users to watch multimedia content. Therefore, apple should consider larger screens for its future generations of the product. The other considerable feature is a camera with higher megapixels. With higher megapixels, they will be able to capture great moments and more specifically in higher pixilation.

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