Sample Essay on Saudi Arabia Culture

Saudi Arabia Culture

In Saudi Arabia, Islam is a religion that controls official, individual and political activities of the country. The origin of Islam was from Saudi Arabia and its cultures incorporate daily prayers from dawn to the night. This religion allows Muslims to work only six hours on a daily basis. In the month of Ramadan, Muslims participate in fasting whereby they are not allowed to take drinks or eat.

The traditions in Saudi entail good etiquettes whereby men exchange warm handshakes with their colleagues. This happens in a meeting before they commence to discuss on their serious issues. Conversely, the custom permits women to kiss especially when they indulge with their close acquaintances. However, traditions in Saudi prohibit men and women outside a family setting to exchange greetings in a public place.

Clearly, when individuals visit each other in this country, they carry along gifts as a symbol of appreciation. In addition, people of different genders can only mingle during dinning times but they interact separately during entertainment. They also value keeping time especially during entertainment or meetings. In Saudi Arabia, they serve their meals by placing them on the floor, and cross their legs in their sitting arrangement.

The protocol in this country requires individuals to have a sponsor before they visit it.  Sponsors also called as Wakeel aid in preparing appointment with specific people who are relevant to the meeting. In this country, people can only be part of business dealing with partners whom they trust and know well. Saudi people negotiate slowly in business meetings and an individual in the highest rank is the one who often has the final say. Additionally, they offer their business cards annually and dress neatly while attending meeting to portray a positive impression.

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