Sample Essay on Stress and anger in conflict resolution

Stress and anger in conflict resolution

Stress is a burden that arises due to a given situation that increases the capacity to handle its strain. It is difficult to manage stress once because it might lead to a conflict. Individuals who are stressful find it hard to engage in any form of communication because they are not always in a mood to respond or listen.

Conversely, anger is a feeling that is characterized by rage which disrupts a state of calmness. People who are in this condition find it hard to reason straight because they often rush in making decisions. Practically, it is hard to ease such situations or deal with individuals undergoing anger or stress. People tend to experience stress and anger when they encounter difficult situations in their lives (Ladd, 2007, pg.143). Fortunately such conditions can be controlled and avoided. For instance, working in a hotel as a chef has enabled me to handle stress and anger and improved my career.

Working as a chef in a hotel requires an individual to be quick at all times. The head chef gets angry when at times our work does not please him. In this situation, I decided to meet the boss and reveal to him the things we go through at the work place. Luckily, we agreed by coming up with a common agreement. Since then, this has greatly improved my productivity and enhanced my cooperation skills at work. This is because I was able to handle my stress levels after having a dialogue with the employer. Furthermore, this experience has enabled me to admit my mistakes whenever I go wrong.  I have also been able to manage many conflicts that arise due to stress and anger.




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