Sample Essay Writing Paper on Scholarship

I have encountered significant life experiences that have immensely shaped the person I
have grown to become. Some of those experiences include family. Having come from a humble
background, my family did not have much to offer after struggling to bring a meal on the table
occasionally. This means that I had to strive to meet my education dream independently. This
made me resilient enough to pursue my goals. Friends have been a significant pillar in my
education endeavors. They have encouraged and supported me where they could to ensure that I
achieved my goals. Essentially, life has not been easy. However, friends managed to make it
appear interesting amid many of the challenges. School and career have remained fundamental in
ensuring that I soar to great heights within the education spectrum. They have cultured and
natured me to this day. On the other hand, I have overcome certain challenges to help me realize
my education dream. One of those challenges is finance and personal issues that they affect my
life in connection to my family background. I migrated from Haiti with my family at a young
age. I am the first college graduate in my family. Equally, I am the first one to receive tertiary
level education because of financial challenges that would not allow others to continue their
learning to higher institutions. Since I started college, I have been working part-time to finance
my tuition among other needs.
Due to COVID 19 my entire family has been laid off. Although their jobs were not
sustaining enough, at least they made the family remain less dependent on my income. Since the
pandemic, it has been difficult for me to carry the burden of everyone financially. I have to
provide everything for them, starting from food. Since family means a lot to me, it pains to see
them go through hard times. However, I also have my education needs. This has made me opt for
financial assistance to pay for my tuition. It would boost my education to a higher level to enable

me gain professionalism and increase my opportunities. Receiving a scholarship would mean
that it would contribute positively to my life, enabling me become self-sufficient. It would mean
a lot in my life and my career.
I fell in love with Alabama when I visited last year, it holds so much rich history. Once I
graduate, I would love to relocate to Alabama and become an NP in the intercity. In this way, I
would voice and advocate for quality healthcare for those with language barriers in Alabama.
The plans that I have towards achieving the goals I have already formulated include achieving
professionalism in the nursing career, which would enable me become of significance to the
Alabama community. Some of the volunteer activities that I might engage in during my campus
life include caring for the ageing in the society. This would add towards my experience as a
career nurse.
I usually work with oncology patients, where I agree that it is stressful enough for those
patients receiving chemotherapy during the current COVID 19 crisis. However, with the help of
other staff members, I implemented screening for each person coming to our floor, limiting
traffic and hand washing to protect the visitors and patients. I was eventually deployed to a
COVID-19 ICU section as a support to the nurses. Also, with the help of my workmates, we put
systems in place to ensure the nurses always had someone to bring them lunch, besides offering
mental and spiritual support for both staff and patients. Consequently, we did buddy nursing,
where the ICU level nurses took care of vents and drips, while the floor nurses took care of
medications and helped with ADLs, eliminating the burden for staff members. What I learned
about myself from the leadership roles is that I have the capacity to make an admirable leader in
any capacity.