Sample Essay on Victoria’s Secret vs. Fredericks of Hollywood

Victoria’s Secret vs. Fredericks of Hollywood

Victoria’s Secret is popular for selling items such as perfumes and lingerie. It incorporates approximately 1000 retail shops across United States. Besides stocking its products in retail stores, it also executes its business via the internet. The lingerie is available in various styles and colors. Men also get the chance to shop their products in their special section at Victoria’s Secret.

Conversely, Fredrick of Hollywood owns about 200 stores in United States. This is exclusive of catalogue and internet operations. The stores are also filled with similar commodities that are offered at Victoria’s secret. It provides special deals to clients such as lingerie and bras. Furthermore, it offers classy seduction wear and attracts the attention of buyers who are interested in purchasing such products. At Fredrick’s they sell sexy garments that highly impress women. This is in contrast to the comfy lingerie that is sold at Victoria’s secret.

Furthermore, the products that are sold at Fredrick of Hollywood’s store are advertised via clear images. As a result, they paint a picture to minds of potential buyers that their products are intended for special events. In regard to this perspective, majority of buyers have developed a habit of purchasing their goods at Victoria’s stores. This is because their marketing strategies incorporates promotions and adverts. In the process, they encourage clients to buy products to enhance their appearance and confidence.

At Victoria’s Secret, they attract clients when they emphasize on affection and fun. On the contrary, Fredrick of Hollywood stores focuses on young women who are sexually appealing and stunning. Evidently, both firms depict sexuality differently through their messages. At Victoria secrets, they place emphasis on fantasy images and romance. Fredrick’s stores put racy and clear images into consideration. The sexists’ adverts that are used in both stores attract men while lingerie pictures induce sexual fantasies among women.



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