Sample Essays on Application for Providence St. Joseph Health Admission

I want to submit my application for a chance to work in the organization. I have been a registered psychiatric nurse for almost two years. I have acquired skills and training in areas related to my profession, which has been vital in providing care to patients. However, I would like to move into a new area of specialty where I can gain experience as a labor and delivery nurse.

I would like to join this organization because I have a passion for helping the poor and the vulnerable in society. I know that Providence St. Joseph Health is a non-profit organization that seeks to express God’s healing love by serving all people, especially the poor and the vulnerable members of society. Hence, the organization will provide a suitable environment for me to offer passionate care to a wide range of patients.  I will also appreciate an opportunity to work in the organization since I will acquire practical skills to become a successful nurse in the future. I will use the skills I will gain from this organization to assist more vulnerable and poor mothers in different contexts.

I will join the other staff of the organization to pursue its goals and objectives. I will use my inherent passion and skills as a registered psychiatric nurse to provide care to mothers, especially those experiencing pregnancy psychosis. I will collaborate with other healthcare professionals to ensure patients deliver the children in a friendly environment that portrays Christian values. I will also play my role to ensure that all the patients I will handle receive high-quality services, as stipulated in the core values of the organization. Therefore, I will use my professional skills to work in the organization for our mutual benefits. I kindly look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.