Sample Essays on Diversity and Ethical Leadership in the Workplace Resources

Diversity and Ethical Leadership in the Workplace Resources

Every employee has a right of privacy, as any form of discrimination in the workplace can amount to a legal process. The organizations’ management should understand that fair workplaces benefit the organization through enhancing consumer reputation, attraction of competent workers as well as investors. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) employees usually encounter numerous challenges in their workplaces. When a gay person complains to the supervisor that he is being discriminated by other employees, the supervisor should react by ensuring that all employees are informed of their rights based on code of ethics. Employees should be warned of dismissal if they violate provisions offered in the code of ethics (Corey, G., Corey, M., Corey, C. & Callanan, 2015).

Understanding the LGBT resources can enable the supervisor to attend to the complaints against gay employees. One of the most essential resources that a supervisor can utilize in making decision on gay issue at the workplace is the code of ethics. The code of ethics enables the supervisor to base his ruling on laid down rules that guide every employee. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) was established by Congress to resolve claims of discrimination in the workplace. According to Cheri Gay (2015), Title VII of the EEOC allows the authority to probe accusations against discrimination of employees based on the sexual orientation, sex, or race. Seeking the services of a counselor can assist in enabling employees to respect the value of their fellow employees.

Organizations usually incorporate employees from different cultures and diverse values. In most professional organizations, the code of ethics stipulates that no employee should be discriminated due to his/her race, age, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status. Thus, managers should ensure that employee from diverse cultures, including gay people, are respected through enhancing privacy and confidentiality (Corey, G., et al., 2015). Managers should proactively keep in touch with gay employee, especially when they notice that they are being discriminated by their heterosexual employees.


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