Sample Essays on Environmental Conservation

Environmental Conservation

Agricultural impacts

Conservation of the environment is one of the key concerns which needs to be taken into account. The use of fertilizer in crop production has both the positive and negative implications on the environment. The balanced application of fertilizers in agriculture has significantly contributed to the protection of the wildlife surroundings. It has enabled farmers to achieve continuously tremendously high yields on the same land for several decades, eliminating the need for clearing new areas. In situations where fertilizers are not applied, farmers have ended up making new area of forest and can only farm for a few seasons, and the land becomes unproductive.

The balanced use of fertilizer is a significant instrument in combating soil erosion. The crop covers the soil faster and protects it from direct exposure to rainfall, hence reducing erosion. It also shades out weed more effectively eliminating the need to use herbicides which are not environmental friendly. The residue which is left after the harvesting has considerably helped to reduce water runoff. The poor soil fertility has resulted in the loss of topsoil, causing the field to be less fertile which causes poor growth a cycle.

Impacts of dams

The dams are of a great significance despite them having serious environmental consequences. The walls of the dams hinder the migration of fish which in most instances separate the mass of eggs deposited by the habitats from rearing habitat. Additionally, there is the problem of sedimentation which leads to the formation of thick layers of silt. The water temperature of the dams affects the aquatic species since they respond fast to temperature changes hence making them to relocate or perish. The dams have as well led to soil erosion due to flow of water that run out when they are filled with water.