Sample Essays on Group Homes in Dallas Texas

Group Homes in Dallas Texas

Group homes are small, residential facilities located within a community and designed to serve children or adults with chronic disabilities (Clement et al., 2010). These homes usually have six or fewer occupants and are staffed 24 hours a day by trained caregivers (Clement et al., 2010). There is great need of such group homes in Dallas Texas due to the growing number of accident at home affecting the people with chronic disabilities. The accidents place their lives in great danger and most of them actually succumb to the great injuries.

Demographic distribution in Dallas Texas

The population of the elderly in Dallas Texas is steadily increasing at a fast rate. The elderly in the society are the ones who are prone to chronic disabilities. The people over the age of 65 in Dallas Texas account to about 7% of the population, both males and females (Brault, 2012). This number calls for many group homes to be set up as the elderly who most of the time have chronic disabilities due to aging have nobody to take care of them. Their children and grandchildren are busy with work and all they can afford to give is financial support and not physical or emotional support.

The group homes will be vital in this scenario to avoid the elderly wasting away and being neglected. At the group homes they will have staff to carter for them throughout the day and night. A group home project in Texas will be very lucrative due to the elderly population in Dallas Texas.

Mental illness

There is growing number of people with mental illness in Dallas Texas. This mental illness is stress related and affects people of all ages and races in Dallas Texas. People with mental illness are a danger to themselves if not checked properly (Brault, 2012). Group homes in this scenario are vital as they will be under watch at all times of the day. The staff in the group homes will be trained to deal with people with mental illness. Chances of recovery are high when taken care of with a trained person. Having these group homes in Dallas Texas will be of help to the population and it will be a successful project as there is a great demand for them.

Foster care children

The number of children placed for adoption in Dallas Texas has increased by 15% over the past ten years (Brault, 2012). They are placed for adoption by the parents mostly single mothers due to financial strain. Such children will require a place to stay as they wait for foster families to be found for them. Group homes will be required to house the children and also given some training on the norms of life. When the children are placed in a home for 6, they will feel comfortable and welcomed since they are with their age mates in there. Such a project will be very beneficial to the society and also the project owner. It will reduce the rate of crimes and drug abuse by children as they will be under watch at all times of the day and will be undergoing some guidance and counseling. The project of group homes will be very successful in Dallas Texas due to the large number of children placed for adoption and also those who have lost their parents.


As of the census of 2010, the racial makeup of Dallas was 50.7% white, 25% black or African American, 0.5% Native American, 2.9% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 17.2% from other races, and 2.7% from two or more races (Tate, 2011).  20% of the whole population of Dallas Texas are battling addiction either drug or alcohol addiction (Tate, 2011). There is need for these people to be taken to rehabilitation centers where they can recover from the addiction. Group homes are used as centers for rehabilitation for the addicts to enable them overcome the addiction.

At the group homes, there will be trained staff and counselors who will guide the addicts on the path to recovery. With addiction, they cannot do anything constructive and depend on the drugs to live. The project of group homes will be successful as it will help clean Dallas Texas which will have a positive impact on the economy of Dallas Texas. The addicts will feel accepted and understood at the group homes and this will be vital for their change. At the group homes, the will not be judged by anyone and also they will be given room to make mistakes without being fined and this is vital for their battle with addiction.

Group homes will be a very successful project in Dallas Texas due to the great demands that they have. They carter for everybody of all ages and races and actually help have a positive impact on the society. Any business project that has a positive impact on the society usually ends up being a very successful project. The demand for these group homes will always surpass the supply at any given point in time in Dallas Texas.



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