Sample Essays on The Health Literacy of Patients

Nurses Role in Improving the Health Literacy of Patients

Health Literacy is a concept that was introduced in 1974 as way of demanding for minimum health education standards for all grade school levels in the US (Royal College of General practitioners, 2014). Health literacy refers to the levelin which one has the capacity to get, process and understand basic health facts and services required for the purpose of makingsuitable health decisions. Nurses are responsible for creation of health iterate society through taking part in health literacy research, education as well as promotion. Furthermore, nurses have a professional and ethical responsibility to communicate clearly to patients thus promoting health literacy as their routine practice.

Evaluating online health information

The best resource I will recommend to evaluate online health information is the authority of the health information. When searching for online health information, it is absolutely critical to determine the authority of the information, like website. It is important to determine who is behind the information or website and verify the autism credentials so as to get information about how they got involved in the project and to which health institutions they are affiliated to. The author authority will also entail information on which health organization is attached to, for instance, health organization, hospital, or government agency among many others.

Strategies for assisting patients in becoming informed consumers of online health information

The use of communication strategies and health information technology is significant in helping patients be informed about online health information (Hou, 2012). These strategies will help to provide information and ideas since they are platforms people use to communicate every day. Through health communication and health information technology, a context is created through which patients search for and make use of health information thus enhancing their health decisions.


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