Sample Ethics Paper on a cyber intelligence professional

Think about it scenario:

You work as an cyber intelligence professional for a growing grocery chain along the west coast called Wholesome Eats. Your job is to employ various TECHINT strategies to collect data and make recommendations based on consumer spending, to collect data on competitor prices and marketing strategies, and to employ cybersecurity systems to prevent competitors from unlawful hacking on Wholesome Eats.

Up until this point, you have utilized open source datamining tools to aid in your first two duties, and to help Wholesome Eats cater to the needs of its faithful patrons. You’ve also used it to help the marketing department reach out to non-patrons to encourage them to enter the store. This week, however, your cybersecurity systems prevented over 200 attempted hacks by a single known competitor.

When you take this to your boss, he asks you to set up a honeypot to let the hacker through to a bogus site with altered data and to install a trojan horse that will wipe out the competitor’s entire system upon retrieving the bogus data, to include their ability to tally or print receipts within their computer system. It would mean they would be forced to shut down their stores until the system could be repaired, which could take a matter of weeks.

Would installing this honeypot/trojan horse be justified according to the Just Intelligence Principles?  Examine this scenario along each of the Just Intelligences Principles to determine why or why not.




  Examine this week’s ‘think about it’ scenario in business intelligence along each of the Just Intelligences Principles.

  Answer the following question: Would installing this honeypot/trojan horse be justified according to the Just Intelligence Principles? Why or why not? (note: do not try to apply the ladder of escalation to this scenario.