Sample Ethics Paper on Clinical and Legal Ethics

Sample Ethics Paper on Clinical and Legal Ethics

In any democratic state, the clinical ethics are bound by the legal rules of the land, and therefore every health professional should adhere to them. The case of Marlise Munoz, the brain-dead woman with a 24 weeks fetus, gave a basis of the interrelation of ethics, legal rules and clinical affairs on the case (Hasani 2).

Ethical Dilemma

Life at all cost is sacred and should at no time be taken away from the holder.  Considering the ethical issues in healthcare, several vital questions should be examined. If the child is born with complications was it justifiable to subject the child to suffering? What were the rights of the unborn child? To what extent was it justifiable to balance the interests of the state against those of the father to keep the child developing in her mother?

Clinical Guidelines

Clinical guidelines give provisions of abortion only when either the life of the mother or the child are in danger.  Any family under distress should not be compelled to make decisions that may complicate the health of their loved ones (Hasani 2).   In the nursing profession and the laws of the land, an unborn child is categorized as a being that deserves care and should be treated as any other child or adult.

Ethical and Legal Guidelines

According to the laws in the Texas constitution, life sustaining treatment cannot be withdrawn or withheld from a pregnant patient (Hasani 2). The law binds clinical guidelines, and so they had to follow the court decision and not to contest it. Contrary to the court ruling anti-abortion activist saw the need to deliver the child healthy; they challenged that the fetus has the right to life.

Perspective of Clinical Dilemma

The consent of intervening with a dead body to save the life of the fetus should be paramount and not just the will of the family. The need to save a life is the core business in any health facility, and failure to achieve this depicts failure of the health professionals in the entity.


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