Sample Ethics Paper on Local Government

Local Government

In any civilized and stable society, there exists an elaborate and well-defined structure of governance that oversees the implementation of different policies in the society.  notably, the local government existence in the modern world has been having been cited to intensify the decision making abilities of the citizens and increasing the effectiveness of operations of the different agencies through the provision of various services that are essential for the community (Agecon, 2018).  As the sole administrator of the state, local governments are entitled to ensure the establishments of policies that govern public health through offering services such as garbage collection that ensure that proper waste disposition and gathering methods are established.

Waste management involves the handling of different discarded materials such as food, construction debris, radioactive materials, leaves and old locomotives. The primary aim of offering this service to the local community is to protect both the public and the environment from all harmful wastes (Miezah et al., 2015). Notably there exist different indicators that can be used to assess the effectiveness of waste management services offered by the local government.

First, the general health of the public can be used to check the effectiveness of the service.  The efficiency of this activity limits the emergence of different diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Additionally, the availability of waste collection and disposition programs and resources can also be used a rationale for measuring the effectiveness of waste management (Agecon, 2018).  For proper operations, the local government should have designated areas for disposing of the collected materials. Equally, some of the resources to be used for the activity such as the vehicles and the personnel should be available if the plan is to be executed properly (Miezah et al., 2015). Moreover, the availability of specific policies developed by the local government to govern waste management process also indicates its dedication in offering the amenity.




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