Sample Ethics Paper on The right to get abortion

Most Western countries have legalized abortions in the first trimester. In these jurisdictions, abortion is allowed in circumstances where the life of the mother is in danger or when the pregnancy is as a result of rape or incest. In my view, the decision to terminate a pregnancy is personal and therefore a mother should make the final decision to procure a safe and legal abortion. This is because, it is only a mother that is best suited in determining her own path to living a healthy life  as well as enable her to achieve their full potential. However, in order to procure a safe abortion, a mother must gather factual and objective information about abortion from various people. This therefore means that close family members, friends, medical specialists and other partners that a mother trusts are involved in the procedure. The medical specialist essentially would assess the mother and decide whether the abortion will endanger the life of the mother and also answer any concerns the mother could be having about the abortion.


To have a moral or legal status is when as a person you are able to use your innate abilities to think reason or feel. According to natural and civil law, a fetus has legal or moral rights. These fetal rights came into use in 1973 when the Supreme Court of United States legalized abortion. When a fetus has moral status, it means that it is capable of surviving outside the womb if there is the required medical technology to support it to term. We can safely assert that abortion can be sanctioned under special circumstances as highlighted above in order to preserve maternal health but during the third trimester, due to the moral status of the fetus, the state may act to protect fetal life over the mother’s right to privacy.