Sample Film Analysis Paper on the Movie ‘Crash’

The film Crash presents to the viewer of the situation surrounding minority groups in the society. The director chooses an elaborate topic for the movie “Crash,” which forecasts the intensity of the conflict at hand. Throughout the film, Haggis successfully highlights numerous incidences the extent of bias, discrimination, racism, ethnicity, and social stereotyping. From one scene to the other, he brings out the conflict between individuals, groups, ideologies, and social constructions. The film Crash is a clear depiction of the intolerable situation and hostilities against the minority by the perceived majority.

 The conflict occurring due to our physical appearance highlights racism and ethnicity. Throughout the film, tension remains high between the minority and the majority groups. The escalating differences burst to violent confrontation and death in severe cases. The tension between groups starts in the opening scenes when two black guys are walking on the city streets. N the opposite direction, a white couple is walking towards them. The white couple is free at first, but the lady’s strange reactions draw attention from the two men. One of the two men sarcastically opines “She sees two black guys strolling down the sidewalk and her reaction is blind fear… In fact, if anyone should be scared around here, it’s us. We are the only black faces surrounded by a sea of white people, patrolled by the trigger-happy LAPD.” This scene reveals all the tension between whites and blacks and the prejudice enforced by lawmen.

            The opening statements of the film narrate, “In LA nobody touches you. We are always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much that we crash.” These statements affirm the intensity of the conflict in the society between natives and the minority. The glass and the mental represent the social stereotypes that place differences among groups in the community. The stereotypes cause the people to crash on numerous subjects.


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