Sample Film Paper on Welcome Mr. Marshall! and Death of a Cyclist

Sample Film Paper on Welcome Mr. Marshall! and Death of a Cyclist

Women are so central to the production of any film. They have always been featured in various films from time immemorial. Such films include silent to other films. Their roles have been in directing, acting to an even audience. Their roles have been so crucial since they have helped bring insanity in the theater. The rise and fall of theater industry have been projected mostly by the woman. Their influence has mainly been because of their appearance and not the roles she plays (Harrison n.pag). This assignment discusses the representation of female characters and gender roles and relationships in Welcome Mr. Marshall! and Death of a Cyclist.

The film, Death of a Cyclist, revolves around the life of a woman entangled in a very confusing state. She has been involved in the murder of the cyclist. She consequently loses her husband who is extremely wealthy. The woman is presented to be materialistic. She goes an extra mile of concealing her actions to ensure her social status is protected. The film implies that women respond differently to situations as compared to men. The woman in this movie gets deeper into evil in order to achieve her heart’s desire: gaining material wealth. The ways of the women are always concealed as indicated in this film (Harrison n.pag).

In the film Welcome Mr. Marshall!, women majorly play the role of aiding their male counterparts. However, in cases where women are the stars, the men are seen to be weak and obsessed with the quest of being the controllers and not the women. Therefore, it is so evident that the traditional role of men has been challenged in this movie. The urban and rural setting is seen to influence how women are represented in the film. The roles they play are based on the background. The rural setting is seen to incorporate more women as compared to the urban environment. The rural setting also gives woman social roles why are considered outdated in today’s society. The urban environment makes woman have equal position just like the man (Harrison n.pag). Women are seen playing similar roles as men. They are involved in a similar social and public space.


The roles of the women in the film industry can never be overlooked. Without women, a movies will lack flavor and fervor. These characters in the film are a direct replica of what usually happens in the real life situation. There is great need to add more women in directing and production of movies. This will be essential in instilling the woman character in the woman present in the film. All films struggle to give the woman her rightful place even in the directing of the movies.

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