Sample Film Review on The Movie ‘Pulp Fiction’

The movie ‘Pulp Fiction’ is a combination of violence and comic that attracts many viewers in a movie due to the detail in the presentation of the scenes and the way the characters are portrayed in a real-life setting. The movie was cast to depict the crime in Los Angeles back in the 1990s, which also leads to the high number of vulgar language used in the movie. The scene leading to the shooting in the cars is funnily developed and appealing to most of the viewers. At the time the shooting happens, it is seen as an accident making the viewers laugh at the scene.

The general setting and plot of the movie is to depict violence, which cannot be balanced if there are no characters that would be depicted as good in the movie. For this case, the conversations of the characters do not have an influence on the way the movie is portrayed or a personal perspective of the same. Rather, it helps understand more the characters and get to associate to the different themes they are developing with the interactions among them.

The movie, although produced and acted in 1994, it has a theme and content that makes people understand and relate to the setting and even characters. In the context of the movie, there is no aspect of racism that has to be considered unnecessary for the movie. Most of the criminals and violent organizations used the vulgar language in communicating to each other, which based on the setting of the movie is allowed (Cohn, Maréchal and Noll 1292). The director being white does not have to do with the way the information is being passed. The theme is of violence; therefore, if the director is white or black, the presentation of the theme would not have differed to a great extent.



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