Sample Film Review on The Walking Dead

Sample Film Review on The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is the hit TV series (2010-present), adapted by Frank Darabont from an ongoing comic-book series authored by Robert Kirkman. It is a combination of horror, zombie apocalypse, and serial drama genres. So far the television series has aired seven seasons having ninety-nine episodes in total.

During the first season, Rick Grimes who is a deputy sheriff is shot and falls into a coma. On waking up, he finds himself in a zombie apocalypse. He sets out to his family and after finding them meets a group of survivors from Atlanta. He becomes their leader, and they move to secure location where the zombies popularly known as the walkers cannot find them. They find a place to live and food to eat. From Atlanta, the group seeks shelter at a farm owned by Hershel Green, a farmer, and veterinarian in season two. Lori, Rick’s wife, reveals that she is pregnant and this weakens the relationship between Rick and Shane, his former colleague breaks; Shane and Lori had a relationship while Rick was away in a coma. Hostility between Rick and Shane results into Rick killing the latter in self-defense in a noisy duel that attracts the walkers into Hershel’s farm. The surviving group is forced to run away.

During the third season, Rick’s group gets lucky and finds a prison to live in. Lori loses her life while delivering. Andrea, a former civil rights attorney and Michonee who originally belonged to the Atlanta group of survivors, are taken to Woodbury, a fortified town led by the Governor. A conflict arises when the Governor learns of the presence of the Atlanta group of survivors in prison. Despite Andrea attempts to negotiate peace between the two groups, he is later on killed because of the Governor’s ill actions. In season four, deadly flu spreads inside the prison and kills large numbers of people. The Governor re-groups with another group founded by his former right men and together they attack the remaining individuals in the prison who flee after being overpowered. Hershel and the Governor are killed and later on, residents who practice cannibalism capture the group.

The Atlanta group of survivors manages to kill the man-eaters and travels approaching Washington, DC in search of a cure for the deadly flu. The residents of Alexandria invite Rick’s group to join its strong community. The group accepts the invitation, but later tension arises between the two groups when Rick’s group dominates and takes charge. Morgan, the first survivor Rick met after waking up from the coma follows him up to Alexandria. The residents of Alexandria who believe in him and his leadership to protect the town trust, Rick. The Wolves, a group of scavengers plots and attacks Alexandria using a gang of zombies. Scores are killed in the assault, and many are left injured.

The people who survived the attack led by Rick learn of a community referred to as the Hilltop. The community offers to trade with Rick’s group under conditions that they will fight a group called the Saviors led by a lunatic tyrant named Negan, he agrees. Rick’s group destroys a military post belonging to the Saviors but are later caught by Negan and told to swear loyalty to him. Two of Rick’s men are killed to force him into swearing loyalty, or more of his men would be killed. With the help of the Hilltop community, Rick’s group ensues into a battle with the Saviors headed by Negan.