Sample Gender Studies Paper on Class Prep: Racism


“Racism” is the keyword in the article in which an Iranian fails to understand why African-Americans do not perceive her race as white. This is to note that there are communities which are yet to understand what racism entails as it more advanced that skin color.

Main Argument(s)

According to the article, an Iranian US citizen fails to understand why African-Americans do not see her as a white individual. This is to her amazements as she considered herself white since they moved to the US. Her perception of white people is based on skin color which qualifies her as a white (Asayesh 14). Cultural diversity is the true identity of race as evidenced in the modern American context. Racial discrimination has mainly affected African-Americans since slavery periods. Modern institutions have promoted this vice by institutionalizing policies that oppress people of a particular race.


“You don’t consider yourself a person of color?” This is an article excerpt from the provided reading material that indicates people’s perception of racism or racial discrimination. Modern discrimination against people of color has been advanced to policy levels in which the affected community is oppressed in different ways (Asayesh 18). For instance, there are employees who feel intimidated as a result of policies that deny them family time due to assigned roles and responsibilities. This make many operational officers work many hours a week as a means of meeting their bills and other expenses. Racial discrimination is determined by cultural diversity that is why people with white skin color might turn against each other due to cultural differences. For instance, the Balkan War saw massive deaths of white people who originated from different cultural backgrounds. Consequently, the character in the article should have understood that her Iranian culture was different from other white people that African-Americans considered as white – Native Americans.


Work Cited

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