Sample Geography Paper on Years of Living Dangerously

  1. After the drought in Syria, the people affected protested against the government because it had neglected them despite being in the capacity to help. Some of the people who protested were arrested and others killed by the security forces.  The people then started a revolution, fighting against their government leading to the civil war.
  2. The dictatorship in Indonesia in the 1960s to the 90s ceased huge amounts of land from indigenous populations, labeling their land as state forest zone as they sold them to big companies. The forests were burnt down to create space for planting of palm trees. The demand for palm oil was growing faster than any other agricultural commodity in Indonesia, giving the companies more incentive to destroy forest.

Palm oil is one of the main agricultural products used in the production of biofuels, which have been touted by many as a potential solution to global warming and a source of employment for the rural poor. Yet, oil palm plantations have come under increasing criticism due to excessive environmental and social costs: costs borne disproportionately by indigenous peoples.

In order to accommodate a booming biofuel industry, widespread deforestation and violations of indigenous rights in Indonesia occurred at an unprecedented rate. National economic growth is being used as a platform for the destruction of millions of hectares of rainforest, and is having disastrous effects on millions of indigenous peoples who continue to depend on these forests for their livelihood.

  1. She gave four usual suspects for causing global warming which are:
  2. Natural cycles: internal to the Earth’s climate system.
  3. The Sun: irregular changes in energy from the sun.
  4. The Orbit: Periodic cycles in the Earth’s orbit around the sun.
  5. Geology: Volcanoes, weathering, erosion, and other geologic activity


She ruled out the Sun as the cause of global warming because scientists have been measuring its energy and its energy has been reducing from around 1970s, so if the sun had any effect on climate change, this meant the earth would be becoming cooler.

She also ruled out volcanoes concluding that after they erupt they just cool the earth.

In natural cycles, she compared temperature and carbon dioxide levels, temperature and carbon dioxide are seen to track together, and at the moment Carbon Dioxide level is extremely high and the earth’s temperature is rising with it.

She concluded that all the natural suspects have alibis and if they had to have an effect on the climate change the earth would be cooler, hence human activity is the only cause of the global warming.

  1. Faith has the most influence on societal action in Texas. Most of the people of Texas believe in the biblical perspective when it comes to climate change, most of them believe that God causes the changes in the climate patterns.

However some people in Texas review the issues discussed on global warming basing their discussions on their political affiliations.

  1. The conservation failed because the palm oil companies took control of the park and they destroyed the ecosystem, they destroyed the forestation and they poisoned the elephants in the park, leaving them for dead. The government, specifically the minister of forestry bears the ultimate responsibility and is directly responsible for failing of the conservation.
  2. Climate change is now understood to be a major cause of drought, floods, water scarcity, food shortages, human insecurity, and poverty and can contribute to conflict.

The scientist at Texas Tech concluded that when it’s dry the extra temperature causes more water to evaporate causing the soil to dry even more, hence causing severe average drought as it gets warmer. Drought leads to loss of jobs in the agricultural sector. This effects lead to intense pressure towards the government causing resistance of the people towards the government causing revolutions like in Syria.

Water stress and scarcity has affected, and will continue to affect, the stability of communities. An overview of global water security challenges indicates profound difficulties and potential flashpoints. There are many examples of struggles in supplying clean water throughout the world, and how water has been both a strategic tool and object of conflict in the past. Water has been an instrument of ethnic and religious conflict, and has recently been used in regional and local clashes. Transboundary water disputes are also potentially dangerous in several regions of the world and stresses from climate change and variability increase the uncertainty of clean water supplies. Potential ways to move positively forward and increase international security include: anticipating future regions of conflict over drought, cooperation among water users, proper policy and regulatory structures, and infrastructure solutions.


  1. The woman in Lubbock, Texas described the issues of climate change and its relationship to religion and human responsibility in these climatic effects. She claimed that the effects seen on climate were due to human activity and human’s failure to take good care of their surroundings. She also said that science is related to religion in a way that science shows us God’s reflection on the universe and how He designed it to be.