Sample Geology Paper on Geological Investment

Sample Geology Paper on Geological Investment


The research is carried out in a region called Somewhereia; it evaluated the blocks with the view of bridging the information gap created by the sparse information regarding the well. Besides, it has a good near shore sunstone that should act as the adequate seal. It is found out that the well has premature source rocks that cannot produce hydrocarbons yet. A conclusion drawn from the complete well information is that indeed there is a potential, reservoir source, and seal. It is further noted that the open blocks don’t give certainty to if the source is deeply buried, the extension of the sandstone unit far into the basin and if the sandstone maintains good porosity to the pool. The management is up to getting information on if it is a good idea to invest in the project or an appropriate bid strategy for the mine.


Formation of the basin can be traced back to a university study that provides information of a pull apart margin with rifting during a late Jurassic stage. The risk of an immature source rock can be minimized through heat flow for the open blocks. After the interpretation of the correlation between time and depth, it was determined that a potential reservoir varies from approximately 500m to 7000m. From the research work to be tabled to the management, a more careful job would be needed for the achievement of expected development of the whole project.

It is discovered that the well, the source rock is approximately 400m deeper than the reservoir. The result doesn’t highlight much of thickening and thinning considering the seismic. An approximated distance of above 3500m is considered an excellent reservoir quality while a good intermediate reservoir is estimated to be between approximately 3500m and 4500m

It is notable that if it an assumption that the tank is usually 400m deeper; the source above 3400 m is immature and doesn’t generate oil or gas. This area would be denoted on a map as being the area between 3400m and 400m. The requirements from the map include the longitudes, latitudes and the altitudes of areas observed. The values used in this discussion are figures obtained from the map.


All potential reservoirs vary from a distance of between approximately 500m to 7000m.It would be advisable for the management to go ahead and target this source rocks; though it would turn out to be a little bit more tedious as it would require it to place a more solid team to perform the task put in place. Most of the promising blocks are easily identifiable from the research conducted with specific areas of the target all the same. With so many potential blocks holding space in the activities scheduled, the ones with very little hope for sandstone that doesn’t actually reach far out to the basin; it is also worth noting that the open blocks give a certainty to yielding only after the latter is possible and the source is deeply buried in the ground.


The company should take a serious look towards having investments into Somewhereia blocks offered offshore. The drilling distances are reasonable for the management to come up with an effective strategy before they decide they want to pitch the region. From Bonanza Basin, there is hope that the source rocks are a promising entity into the whole business if the conditions are followed.  Is on my point of view-wise to venture into it the. The technical issue on board is that the reservoir is deeper by approximately 400m and. It is notable that it has a good marine shale that can be found in the sandstone. In this case, it has a potential reservoir, source, and seat which gives more reason why the firm should employ in efforts to investing in the reservoir

Upon investment, the company is meant to spend a lot of time and resources to gather the oil from immature and deeper well, where porosity would have been increased by the depth of the wells. It would cost the solid open blocks so that they can produce oil a lot of resources to come up with means of heating up the source blocks to avoid immaturity in the well.

From the study, the management is set to perform a careful scout on their prospectus development. This would consume a lot of time since things have to be carefully done to satisfy their end goal or else they will end up in losses. It is risky to operate in an environment where one is not certain on if at the end of the day they would get a return on investment for their work at the end of the day.

The management can set up a pitch through the use of university scholars who would divert and shift their attention towards the matter, and attract investors to take over the project. A lot of interest areas will attract potential clients who would want status by identifying with areas of national interest thus relieve the company the burden of employing resources throughout the period and end up with an uncertain mode of investment that would result to lose. Instead, they could focus their energies on quick return on investment areas.