Sample Geology Paper on GHG Emission as Per the Paris

Sample Geology Paper on GHG Emission as Per the Paris Agreement

Evidently, the United States will have to reduce GHG emission rate as stated in the Paris agreement. The US might be able to achieve this regardless of Trumps decision to exit from the Paris Agreement. The gasses emitted from industrial and human activities especially carbon monoxide seem to be decreasing which is a factor that would make their work easier. Trump and some Cabinet members are working towards promotion of fossil fuel production in the US. They have also repealed several federal rules that work towards curbing the carbon output of the nation. This includes rules limiting greenhouse gases emissions from power plants, carbon emissions from motor vehicles, and oil and gas operations within federal land. The president has already stated his stand which goes against the government’s policies such as the Clean Air Act but the reduction of GHC is still achievable.  Climate reports shows that the climate change is affecting the US due to the fact that it is experiencing extreme rainfall events, extreme heat, wildfires and floods in more than 25 coastal cities.

Even though the target could be achieved, it seems far off from the deadline given by Paris. However, despite Trumps policies, I believe the country will be able to wade off carbon emissions. With California leading as an example to other states, it shows that slashing greenhouse emission gases is possible. Though not enough, other states are emulating California’s stance despite the fact that trumps policies override their efforts. Though California has achieved little, it is evident that other states need to put a lot more effort in holding off the damage. This is owed to the fact that effects of climate change are already evident within different states in the US. Bottom-line, this is a target that could be achieved but with time and a lot of effort. It is evident even all of Obama’s policies combined would not be enough to slash the emissions by the deadline. The US, therefore, needs more time to achieve this goal.