Sample Health Care Timeline

Health Care Timeline

Date Event and significance
1900-1912 This period marked the birth of organized medicine. During these years, the Medical Association attained powerful authority. The policy making body in the USA found little significance in health insurance (Patel & Rushefsky, 2014).
1912-1920 The insurance raised public attention when Teddy Roosevelt used it as a campaigning issue. This was supported by different progressive groups (Jacobs, et al, 2015).The American Association and Labor Legislation supported and published a bill that made health insurance a necessity.
1920-1930 The health care cost began to increase relatively; this made medical care to become more expensive for the middle class to afford. During this period, politically speaking, there were no changes in health care law but instead, some companies for instance General Hospital and Baylor University started to provide health insurance to their workers (Jacobs, et al, 2015).
1930-1940 During this phase, the depression altered  interest to an insurance; that was concerned with unemployment and settlement to the old age. The president came up with a Committee on Economic Security to manage health issues and to address the medical care insurance. During this era, Social Security Act was passed (Patel & Rushefsky, 2014).
1940-1970 During this phase, employers started to recommend health insurance coverage  for wage controls that were placed on company owners. A few legislative changes were made on health care as attention was altered towards Korea. Then the president signed Medicare    which offers complete health coverage for people who were above sixty-five. This phase made sure that about sixty-nine percent of doctors were specialists (Jacobs, et al, 2015).
1970-1990 President Richard Nixon decided to sign the Health Maintenance Organization Act so as to assist in reducing health care costs. Another event during this period was the move made by health care in becoming more privatized, and health care businesses started to consolidate creating bigger hospital systems. Towards the end of this period, health care costs started to increase and this led to managed care groups which  emerged to assist in mitigating the cost (Patel & Rushefsky, 2014).
1990-2010 During this period the sustainability of Medicare was called into question. A lot of workers began to be suspicious about the efficacy of health insurance system which depended on employers. Many corporations started marketing modern medications on media (Jacobs, et al, 2015). The Affordable care Act was signed by president Obama.



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