Sample Healthcare Essay on Stress


Stress can generally be defined as a state that changes the mind, body or thoughts of an individual when triggered by certain events. The events can either be positive also known as eustress or negative also termed as an experience of distress. As such, stress is a condition that can affect any person and can be responded to in a sympathetic or parasympathetic. Sympathetic stress returns the body to normalcy by responding to possible threats. On the other hand, parasympathetic starts a stress response. In this light, some stress symptoms that an individual can watch out for may include: fatigue, headaches, changes in sleeping patterns and nervousness among others. Furthermore, stress can broadly be categorized as either acute or chronic. Acute stress is experienced on a short term basis while chronic stress is long term and may lead to diseases or damage of body organs. For example, chronic stress may lead to the damage of immune, gastrointestinal and mental systems among others.

Based on these definitions, I believe that my level of stress can be considered acute. Such stress could be caused by school work or simple family misunderstandings. As such, my stress level falls under the type B pattern since it does lead to much frustration. I also believe that personality traits and habitual thinking ways could be contribute to my short term stress levels. For example, I sometimes get tired of listening to many stories leading to anger as my source of stress. Considering the fact that I am not planning to use any unhealthy way of stress management like drug abuse, I will employ various healthy ways and strategies. Seeking counseling and regular practice of stress management are some of the ways I would use. In addition, I would employ strategies such as listening to music, using relaxation methods like breathing, time management and spending ample time with family and friends. I believe stress is avoidable with a positive mind and the use of the above discussed strategies.