Sample Healthcare Essays on Grants Writing


Health Informatics and Information Management Professionals and Health Care Administrators with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to oversee or participate in the grant writing process exist for several reasons. One of them is that the grant writing process may lead to the organization receiving additional financial support. Grant writing is done after extensive research to make sure that the entity applies for funding from the people who can offer it. Different people and organizations offer diverse grants, such as start-up and growth finances. All the involved parties need to be involved so that extensive research can be conducted. Grant writing also improves the management skills of the people involved in the writing (Garcia, 2015). This is especially because the donors need very well written proposals, which are not easy to produce without comprehensive knowledge of everything that happens in an organization and the information that related to it.

The other main importance of involving all the relevant parties in the grant writing process is that it helps an organization achieve long-term goals. When writing a grant proposal, it is required that an entity clearly states its long-term goals. The involvement of all the stakeholders in the medical field in the process acts as a reminder of the things that they are supposed to achieve. Consequently, they are stimulated to work hard towards achieving the goals. When every stakeholder takes part in drafting a grant proposal, the final product is likely to be of good quality. In such a context, the proposal will be a product of a wide pool of ideas and knowledge, hence likely to be comprehensive. Such a proposal can attract funding from even the areas that an organization does not target, a major boost for the organization (Garcia, 2015).

There are several appropriate uses of grant money once it is awarded. One of the noblest uses of this kind of money in the medical field is in treatment. One kind of treatment is that of illnesses, such as cancer, which are usually quite expensive to treat. A lot of the patients who have these conditions are unable to afford treatment hence grant money can be used to support such patients. Another group that should be prioritized is the elderly who frequently fall ill hence are in and out of the hospital quite frequently while others are admitted in homes. These individuals usually do not have a source of income hence may not afford treatment. Grant money could be useful in making sure that they access the best care. The other way that is appropriate to use grant money is the construction of modern facilities. These range from research laboratories to care units. Such is a noble course since the research laboratories are likely to make discoveries of new and improved drugs as well as promote the cure and prevention of diseases that claim many lives. The care units could significantly improve the care offered to patients as well as increase the number of patients who benefit from the hospitals.

Ethical issues need to be strictly adhered to when it comes to the disbursement and use of grants to ensure that the issuing of grants is done in a free and fair way so that the most deserved party is the one who receives it. It also makes sure that the person or organization that receives the grant uses it strictly according to the proposal. The grants need to be properly managed to ensure that the money is not embezzled or used for the wrong purpose. Additionally, the reason for application should be genuine (Worth, 2018). Those who receive the grants should put in place both deterrent and punitive measures to prevent and punish misuse of the funds.






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