Sample Healthcare Essays on Gun Safety

In a broader view, scholars have defined public health as a science that targets to improve the health of the communities and protect their safety through policymaking, injury prevention and education (Evans & Anthony, 2018). In general, it talks about safeguarding the community from any form of harm; thus, gun safety largely falls within the threshold of public health concern and not merely a public policy debate. For a long time, violence specifically pertaining guns have taken lead on most evening news. Many people are losing their lives due to increase in mass shooting reflecting a violent society and easy access to firearms particularly people with criminal background.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has come up strongly in support of establishing good policies to make communities safer and reduce the carnage that originates from firearms (Butts, Roman, Bostwick, & Porter, 2015). For a long time, the Congress has threatened institutions like the CDC from performing research to understand the threats posed by gun violence. Less funding has been put towards research on these issues probably because the State has not yet recognized the number of deaths that is a direct result of guns. The public health sector in directly linked with public health given their involvement in determining all risk factors that pose threats to life and promotion of safety from violence. Gun involved deaths are a growing public health crisis, thus there is need for sufficient data to develop proper intervention measures.

On the contrary, alcohol should be illegal simply because it causes more death than gun violence. The state has put in much support in research pertaining alcoholism as a public health concern that has helped come up with stringent measures to reduce death. Currently, the law has in place measures that regulate individuals and distributors from excessively using alcohol (Howard, 2018). Additionally, a recommended age group is in place to control the number of people who can access it. In comparison to gun related issues, there is no strategy to determine the number of households owning guns or the age bracket of those with access to guns. The public shooting that leads to loss of lives especially in public schools or even hospitals is becoming alarming. Thus, there is need to address gun safety as a risk factor to public health issues and thorough research should be put in place to safeguard the health of the community.



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