Sample Healthcare Essays on Healthcare and Human Resource

The healthcare sector deals with delicate matters of human life, hence the pressure therein can be immense. As a healthcare manager, it would be important to understand the dynamics of health demands as well as the role of the human resource department within a healthcare setting. There are issues with staffing shortages and workers burn out, among others, which the human resource department must understand and address.

One of the major challenges to the human resource department in a healthcare setting is staff shortage. There are not enough nurses and health workers, and retaining them can be challenging. To avoid this problem, an organization can offer competitive benefits packages as well as other employee-friendly benefits. Getting the attention of qualified candidates requires that they be provided with attractive deals.

Other strategies which the management can make in consultation with the human resource are; introducing a reward and recognition method that will encourage employees to give the best of their services, training programs that increase job satisfaction amongst employees and also help in addressing the challenge of employee burnout.

Progressively, there could be challenges such as keeping up with technology, retaining good workers, competition from other healthcare providers, and legal requirements, among others. As a manager, the human resource’s input should always be applied. The management needs to partner with the practitioners to understand the issues within the organization and appropriate ways in which they can be addressed. An organization also needs create a work friendly environment where everyone is welcome to give ideas that will make the working place better.