Sample Healthcare Essays on Healthcare Consumer

Regulations and oversight play an important role in healthcare services. The government comes up with regulations for the proper inference of healthcare services. All sellers, manufacturers, and service providers in the health care industry are bound to abide by government regulations, and differing from the regulations exposes them to penalties. Government regulations are thus meant to offer security to the products and services given to consumers in the healthcare sector.

Government regulations and oversight have impacted the healthcare services and products directly through training programs and payment policies to ensure an increase in the supply of health care facilities and professionals. Medicare payment policies are tied to quality improvement for ambulatory care and primary caregivers.  The policies support quality improvement in health care services through the evaluation of clinical services, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and the promotion of improvements in healthcare system practices and evidence-based medicine (Hager & Otto, 2006).  Moreover, the policies and regulations help in the organization of technologies aimed at improving the quality of healthcare products and services.

The government regulations and oversight also help in the quality of services through the support of the development and creation tools that help ineffective regulation, purchase, and healthcare service delivery. The support includes financing for product development and research programs aimed at healthcare services and product quality improvement. Moreover, the regulations are used for clarification of definitions, authority, eligibility, and standards of healthcare services to improve their quality. Government regulations and oversight thus have a more positive influence on healthcare services and products.


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