Sample Healthcare Essays on Sociodrama on Health Care Profession

Quality health care delivery calls for collaboration not only between the healthcare professionals but also between the professionals and the patients. The sociodrama provided useful insights on the importance treating patients with respect, dignity and compassion especially when it comes to provision of quality service delivery. It is only through treating patients with respect and dignity that health care professionals are able to actively engage the patients in decision making and provision of clinical guidance to both the patients and their loved ones. These are important steps towards improving the efficacy of treatment methods and procedures.

At a personal level, it reinforced my values on the importance of founding relationships on respect and treating others with dignity. As a strong believer in collaboration, the sociodrama helped in fully comprehending the spiral effect of treating people with dignity and respect. As exemplified in the sociodrama, the resulting collaboration is the key to achieving targets and goals effectively and efficiently and streamlines decision making.

Patients with special needs require even greater attention. This sociodrama cemented my view that such attention, which is critical for delivering quality clinical services to the patients, can only be given if it is founded on dignity and respect. Health care providers can only make beneficial treatment and clinical decisions if they actively engage these patients and their families in decision making and care giving. Collective and inclusive decision making cannot be achieved without compassion, respect and dignity between both parties.

The sociodrama was a learning experience that offered me valuable lessons that I intend to incorporate in my practice. I intend to lay significant emphasis on treating patients with a great sense of compassion, respect and dignity because it is not only a statutory requirement in my profession but also because it will facilitate my service delivery and decision making. Moreover, it has shaped my perception on the centrality of collaboration in effective and quality service delivery in my profession. I intend to be more collaborative especially with patients and their loved ones with the understanding that effective collaboration is founded on treating others with respect, compassion and dignity.

As a professional, I have learned to be versatile in terms of lesson objects. This sociodrama provided me with an opportunity to self-reflect on my values at an individual and professional level. Moreover, it presented a unique opportunity to reflect on how the values portrayed can impact not only the health care industry but also our society at large. As the drama unfolded, I got the chance to relive the whole experience by changing the roles and placing myself in the shoes of the characters. Consequently, I was able to discern how I would feel if put in the different situations that unfolded. Through the sociodrama, I learned about my moral and ethical bearings through role playing. I perceived the issue of treating patients with compassion and dignity as more of a matter of morality than a professional or ethical obligation. It was a positive experience laden with lessons that I believe will shape my personal and professional life in the long and short term. In the short term, I intend to be more compassionate while dealing with patients. In the long run, I intend to enroll in short courses on leadership and customer relations with the view of improving my interpersonal relations skills.