Sample Healthcare Paper on Community service specialists

Community service specialists form an important sector within the health sector since they are the ones tasked with the responsibility to work directly with the community helping avert major health complications as well as maintaining healthy living. From the post a number of health organizations have been presented with the community service specialist also listed. Despite them being tasked with the responsibility of implementation, coordination and constant monitoring of various community service programs, most of them work within the confines of an office.

From the explanation, it is evident that community service specialists are an integral part in ensuring community health and therefore, their work should be more concentrated in the field. I am also surprised with the fact that most of them work within their offices, raising the question as to how their duties are carried out. Besides education and professionalism, community service specialist should possess other personal skills such as proper listening skills, patience, and empathy as well as good communication skills. These skills allows them to properly communicate with the diverse communities, thus ensuring they get the needed help.

In addition, it is important for the community service specialists to know and join and associate to help improve their knowledge on health and be motivated to work. Also, the associations allow complaint filling by the specialists through properly laid down procedures which help promote professionalism in the sector. Additionally, the associations help in acquiring the needed resources and equipment to ensure productivity