Sample Healthcare Paper on Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

The early national health objectives were set in the year 1979 and were to be accomplished by 1990. The main focus of the goals was to reduce death rate amongst newborns, children, teenagers, and adults. Surprisingly, except to reduce death rates amongst adolescents, those objectives were accomplished and the standard life expectancy rose by more than two years by the end of 1990. Those initial national health ambitions paved a way to the 2000 Healthy People objectives set to be met by the end of the century. Consequently, the importance in these goals shifted from reducing premature fatality to disease prevention and promotion of healthiness. While several of these purposes have been accomplished, others have still not been attained (Bates 87).

The purpose of the 2010 Healthy People went on focusing on illness avoidance and endorsement of healthiness. First, the aims emphasized on all vital health and wellness considerations like, value of life and welfare. When surveyed about the significance social standards, about 98% of grown-ups in America identified good physical condition as one of their key concerns. In this case, reducing health difference among people above age of 18 has been the key target of the national health. This is because health differs widely in accordance to income, sex, age and origin of family.

Over fifty years back, World Health Organization described health as having more than liberty from illness and devastating conditions. On the other hand, public health specialists in recent years have described wellness as having sense of wellbeing and life quality. Death, diseases and devastating conditions are all components that hinder one from having optimal health. Wellness is recognized as being the positive constituent of good health as indicated by sense of wellbeing reflected in good functioning, good quality life, important work and contribution to the society. In this case, wellness facilitates expansion of one’s capacity to live and work effectively as well as making significant role to society. Therefore, the aspects of both health and wellness comprise emotional, intellectual capacity, physical, social and spiritual (Chesney 24).

Wellness reflect feelings about life

Positive attitude on life is important to wellness as well as all of the aspects of wellbeing. A well person is normally contented in his/her job, is spiritually satisfied, takes pleasure in leisure moments, is physically healthy, socially concerned and has positive emotional mental outlook. Such person is glad and contented. Many specialists believe that total positive outlook is a solution to wellness. The way human beings perceive one another about the aspects of wellbeing affects the overall outlook. Many researchers consider that self perceptions regarding wellness are mainly more significant as compared to actual ability. It appears that, among the vital factors for a person that has attained high level of wellbeing and positive life outlook is the capacity to reward him (Bates 133).


We normally eat not just because we want to, but also for our emotional needs. Currently, there are various ways that are quick, simple and economical to satisfy ourselves, but the question is how much endeavour does every one of us put into actual nutrition. Furthermore, one should ask him/herself how much it costs to eat heavily processed, high fat and sugar foods beside finances, the cost to his/her wellbeing and physical body in general. The fact is that, poor nutrition habits may be behavioural health problem because diet and nutrition affect how one feels, looks or think and do something. Poor diet leads to low strength, slow problem solving capability and decrease in alertness. Likewise, bad nutrition leads to numerous negative health impacts as well. High blood pressure, obesity, hypertension, heart infection, diabetes, cancer and stroke can result due to bad nutritional habits. There are various steps that can be taken to improve one’s nutrition. These include; drinking about 6 to 8 glasses of water every day, reducing or eliminating white flour or sugar in the food taken, frequently eating organic products and others (Chesney 40).


Regular physical body activities keep one healthy by reducing stress. Many people like using muscle group in regular repetitive mode which works excellently in most of them. In addition, walking as well as jogging are major examples that facilitate relaxation of muscles and mind too. In this case, various methods of exercise lessen stress directly and also prevent body illness. Regular body exercise reduces hypertension, improves body cholesterol and decreases blood sugar. Conversely, exercise facilitates fighting obesity, despair and memory loss. It also slows aging process, amplifies energy and prolongs life span.


Recently, the Mental Health Foundation has explained the significance of sleep for psychological wellbeing. The study also highlights that about 33 percent of a given population suffer from lack of good sleep which is referred to as insomnia. This can negatively influence mood, energy as well as concentration levels, relationship and ability of people to remain awake. Physical activities can enhance quality of sleep that eventually improves wellness. Study with individual who have lasting difficulties to initiate and maintain sleep has found that physical activity may be applied as an intrusion in enhancing quality of sleep as well as improve life quality. It has been found that one session of about fifty minutes of reasonable intensity aerobic exercises can reduce pre-sleep anxieties and improve sleep in patient with chronic insomnia.


Normally, the mood one is in has effect on how one experience everyday situations. If one is in bad mood, it becomes unexciting and tedious in some activities that are usually very pleasurable and pleasing. In this case, when one’s mood goes down, even the very optimistic event becomes meaningless. Research shows that walking as well as physical activities more generally, may have an impact in enhancing positive moods. For instance, regular aerobic exercises lead to moderate increase in positive mood, particularly increasing pleasant feelings.


A recent study done by Mental Health foundation revealed that about 59 percent of British grown-ups experienced stressful life that it had been in five years before. Stress causes the human body to generate chemicals which make it ready to respond to any emergency. Such chemicals are noradrenalin and adrenaline which raise hypertension, heart rate as well as perspiration. Likewise, the chemicals can lessen flow of blood throughout the body hence, reducing stomach activity. In this case, the body generates cortisol that in turn causes sugar and fat to be discharged into the blood vessels. These changes facilitate the body to be easier in running away or fight. However, the changes become less useful for people working in offices or travelling in a train, whereby they cannot escape or fight. Overtime, these chemicals as well as changes produced may cause severe harm to their health. For instance, people undergoing through stressful life can start experiencing headaches, heartburn and nausea. Physical activities can provide an alternative solution to reduce or manage stress.

As a musician, one requires to retain his/her shape and be mentally as well as physically fit. Thus, there are social and intellectual aspects that make musicians remain in their career for a long period. This can be attained by following some of habits listed below.

Eat high quality food: This is attained by eating raw, organic foodstuffs, which in turn do remarkable things in one’s body and mind thereby providing fresh enthusiasm to continue doing more activities.

Relationships: as a musician, one should avoid wrong relationships with individuals who do not acknowledge your artistic character. In addition, one must keep away from relationships that have serious commitments. This is because if the people in that relationship are not entirely contented with your personality and career type, you will be put on a path full of agony. Such kind of relationships can fail and make one to concentrate with the fallout, leading to depression which can take someone far away from his/her career.

In order to maximize a longer lease on one’s life, one should take pride in feeling and looking as good as possible at all stages of life. In this case, the road towards a healthy living can be paved with better intentions, even though it may not always be an easy or smooth way. Normally, both fruits and vegetables are known to be the best providers of most vital daily nutrients and critical antioxidants. Apart from food taken, regular exercises are also known to be vital constituent of a good and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it is responsibility of every to know the significant role beverages and foodstuff play in facilitating a better lifestyle.


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