Sample Healthcare Paper on Health Care Careers

New Health Care Career Opportunities

Healthcare has provided many career opportunities that can be explored and offer a variety of chances. My interest in healthcare lies in fields of Community Health care Nurse and Social and Human service assistant that provide many job options to be explored. Community health care nursing involves promoting and protecting the health of the general public while Social and Human service Assistant work is concerned with providing support services in different fields such as social work, psychology, and rehabilitation services. Since human service and health care are inter-connected, health care for the population requires a correct understanding of the wellbeing of the people (Sanchez et al., 2015). Providing healthcare to the patients enables the caregiver to be the bond between the population and the healthcare providers.

Reasons for Interest in New Careers

My interest in these careers is driven by the physical contact with the patients whereby the professional can properly evaluate the patient background before giving care. The professional educational competency required in this area is minimal as the basic necessary certificates needed have their courses readily offered in career training and community colleges. Additionally, skills required which include the ability to pay attention to specific details and patient instructions, excellent interpersonal and organizational skills and solving problems in given situations are easily acquired when teaching (Gorina et al., 2018). Moreover, the profession provides growth into other medical fields such as medical counselling, patient therapy and Health Service Managers thereby showing growth in the clinical and social services field.

Pursuing Career goals

My career goal in the field of Community Health Care Nurse will be pursued by enrolling into a qualified institution that offers this course. During the period of learning I can engage in volunteer work and in community services so as to gain exposure in the field. Additionally, by participating in industrial attachments and joining health clubs, workshops and seminars I will be able to gain more knowledge and also put classwork into practice (Ellner et al., 2015). Moreover, advancing in education in the same field will help to create new chances and responsibilities and further possibilities for advanced medical growth.


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