Sample Healthcare Paper on Healthcare Project

The Signature Assignment provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the principles covered in this course and to apply what you have learned to a project of your choice. The project you choose should ideally be from a past, present, or future work situation. If this is not feasible, choose a project you would like to do that will allow you to demonstrate all the tools and principles covered. You may choose a large project and use a sub-project within it for this assignment. Extra points are given for creativity and for projects that demonstrate your understanding of the total project management information system. Some “doctoring” of your project may be necessary to allow you to demonstrate use of the tools. The paper should follow the processes outlined in the class materials. Part 1: Submit preliminary information for the project you have chosen. Your paper must include the following, and follow APA formatting and citation. Your paper must be 3-5 pages, excluding Title and References pages. Title page Introduce your project/project topic Define your project: Project Scope Details (Provide a descriptive paragraph after each of the following items) Identify the project objective. List and describe the project deliverables. List and describe project milestones. List all technical requirements. List and describe limits and exclusions. Conclusion – Summarize the project and project delivery in a closing paragraph References page Recommendation: begin creating the following items for an \”Appendix\” section which you will use for Part 2 (due next week.) Project Schedule Budget Table (table or diagram showing project costs) AON (Activity on Network Diagram) WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)