Sample Healthcare Paper on Life Style Risk Assessment

Life Style Risk Assessment

Description of Results

This is an analysis of an individual named Jerry and his response on lifestyle and use of drugs. After elaborating his perspective, I came up with the following outcome concerning lifestyle risk management.

In the category that depicts ideas on use of alcohol, I found out that alcohol would easily mess up his life when he failed to regulate his intake. Based on his thoughts, he claims that alcohol makes him to have fun at social events with his friends. This is because individuals enjoy being around him, which makes him feel popular, and forget his problems. Assessing his thoughts on the use of alcohol, the outcome indicates that Jerry takes alcohol but he is not so sure about his behavior. In this regard, Jerry scored 1.5, which means alcohol can influence his life if he consumes more.

In the section that reflects understanding and managing of stress, I found out that Jerry scored 32 points. This is evident when he regularly drinks too much alcohol that makes him feel irritable, unhealthy, and at times think of committing suicide. After this observation, I hope that Jerry will respond to this situation positively to aid him manage stress.

In his struggle to avoid drugs, it was not easy for Jerry to avoid the company of individuals who convinced him into that situation. As a result, this made his average score to be 2.5, which means he is still not confident to avoid drugs. It is clear that he could not resist smoking marijuana when all his colleagues in a group were smoking. His confidence level was low and he found himself joining them in this habit. Evaluating his outcome on avoiding drugs, it would be difficult because he finds it tempting to avoid situations that could make him smoke especially in the company of friends. Furthermore, Jerry is also not confident, which drives him to use drugs in absence of his parents. This implies that he does not have self control over drugs. For instance, when he visits a club, concert or party, he ends up being involved in this habit.

In general, Jerry could take five alcoholic drinks in a week and he smoked cigarette but once in a while when he was stressful. In this assessment, Jerry earns 5 points to show that if he does not control his drinking habit, it will affect him negatively in life. The assertive test reveals that Jerry was aggressive while drunk. The susceptibility or at risk test made him score 38 meaning he still had the chance to avoid the situation. He attained 15 in sickness which means he was not badly affected. Testing his communication skills, Jerry scored 42 implying he was an excellent speaker. The test in coping strategy indicates that it could aid in exposing the tactics he used to be firm mentally. Intellectual and emotional risk defined him as a character that was easily swayed due to peer pressure.

Results Analysis

Jerry’s risk for alcohol indicated that it affected him physically and emotionally but it did not change how he interacted with his colleagues. However, his stress levels had exceeded the average because he reached a point where he was on the verge of committing suicide due to his problems. Jerry also had difficulties in avoiding drugs, which is evident when he was not confident to resist from friends and upon visiting places, such as clubs. Conversely, this character took nonessential drugs to replace the day he did not take alcohol. For instance, he drank coffee to assist him relieve pain. The results also showed that Jerry had an assertive behavior, which was clear when he was high on alcohol. He could aggressively interact with his friends and this helped him to forget his problems. As a result, he also developed a behavior that made him talk a lot and louder in the company of his colleagues.

The assessment also reveals that this subject had good skills in communication. However, this was only evident while he was drunk, but when sober Jerry was a calm person. Additionally, Jerry did not know how to handle stress, which made him unhealthy. The outcome also indicates that he took risks of being less confident to deny drugs from friends. Eating nutritious meals was hard for him because he concentrated more on alcohol and beverages to relieve stress. Analyzing Jerry’s situation, it is clear that he does not exercise because all the time he is free, he joins and socializes with his friends to take alcohol.


It is vital for an individual to have a lifestyle that is stress free and healthy. The healthy and stress free habits that apply in this situation involve eating nutritious meals and engaging in exercises. On the contrary, habits that do not contribute to a good lifestyle include abuse of drugs and drinking too much alcohol. At times, users tend to believe that taking alcohol and smoking relieves stress, but this only contributes to more problems. To individuals who consume alcohol, they should understand that they are responsible for their lifestyle actions. This implies that to reduce risks and be able to manage stress, individuals require to be careful about the decisions they make and how they contribute positively to their lifestyle.


Based on the assessment, it is clear that people abuse drugs or take alcohol due to peer pressure. Various aspects contribute to this situation and they include stress, lack of exercise and eating meals that are not well balanced. In this regard, it is clear that such individuals ignore these vital factors and opt for alternatives that negatively affect their lifestyle. It is also in this situation that a person with stress makes a decision to get drunk with the colleagues thinking that he is solving the problem, but the fact is that he destroys his life. Individuals should contribute to their life style positively by avoiding drugs and alcohol. Instead, they should feed on nutritious food and exercise to stay healthy.


Solving the Problem

To handle the issue of alcohol and drug abuse, users should avoid bad company that could subject them to addiction. Furthermore, they need to concentrate on eating healthy meals and manage their bodies to have a stress- free life style.


Evaluating lifestyle and risks that are associated with it, it is clear that intake of alcohol and abuse of drugs does not solve a problem. On the contrary, they increase stress levels among users and this turns worse when they think of committing suicide. This assessment report is vital to enable users to take precautions and avoid addiction that could ruin their life in future.