Sample Healthcare Paper on Prevalence of Obesity

Topic: Prevalence of Obesity among 18 years of age and older in New York compared to National data

1. Go to CDC’s HRQOL Prevalence data website (

2. Review information on the HRQOL measures via the link provided on the webpage.

3. Return to the Prevalence data page and select a state of interest and review the various HRQOL trend data according to the demographic groups available.

4. Look for patterns or trends in the data (e.g., differences in quality of life by gender or race).

5. Select 2-3 patterns or state trends and compare against the national data.

6. Search for and review additional articles on the identified trends (see as one possible resource).

7. Write a short paper (2-3 pages) outlining the observed trends and how they compare to national estimates. Provide a potential explanation or argument for the observed trends, incorporating the reviewed literature to support your argument. Include recommendations for future research.

8. Give your paper an appropriate title;

9. Use APA style to assist in organizing your paper and assuring adherence to all elements of the assignment.

10. Include at least four references on a Reference page, with in-text citations. Explore the use of a citation formatting/management tool (e.g., EndNote, Zotero).

11. Use these additional standard APA format elements:

1- inch margins;
Times New Roman 12-point font;
Title page (student version);
Running header (please include even with student version);

**Attached is 1 article that can be used along with other scholarly resources.